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Here is what Abundance Herbs' Customers say:

Blissful Tummy has turned my health around completely. It has basically cured me of irritable bowel syndrome - a debilitating condition that causes diarrhea, gas, and mal-absorption of nutrients, tiredness, and a range of associated symptoms. I visited bowel specialists without success. I started taking one cup of this tea before bed about two years ago and I've never looked back. One cup a night is enough to banish the symptoms and allow me to eat a normal diet with no ill effects. Blissful Tummy is also calming and helps me de-stress and sleep well.

Adrian Scherf, The Gap, Qld


I was desperate the other night as I had a gripe/incredible bowel ache that lasted all afternoon. I swallowed some aspirin to alleviate the pain but it didn’t help. Then in desperation found some Blissful Tummy Tea Formula,. Now, I know I have told you I can’t stand herbal tea hot, so always wait till its cold. The funny thing is that I have been drinking your other formulas cold once a day for a little while. I can honestly say this tummy tea worked almost immediately.Thanks Sophia

Deborah, West End, Brisbane


Sophia’s Abundance Herbs made me feel well again, I felt a cold coming on, and after a consultation with Sophia I took Morning Alive Tea. The next day I woke feeling clear, well and calm. The quickest remedy to a cold.

Belle, Soul Temple, Byron Bay


Excellent results! Having suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for six years, the "Blissful Tummy" tea has been very beneficial for my digestion and bowel. If the glands in my neck are swollen in the morning, the "Morning Alive" tea reduces the inflammation.

Joanne Ilic, Berridale, Tasmania


All the Teas are very enjoyable to drink, and beneficial to a general feeling of well being. (customer bought Spring Cleanse Tea and Morning Alive Tea)

Lesley Jordan, Coolangatta, QLD


It's working miracles, and I recommend it to anyone! (Testimony to former herbal tincture product)

Rensina, Orpheus Island, QLD


I love these Skin Care Products, I find it wonderful to use. Great product, extremely deep penetration, and i highly recommend it. (customer bought Intensive Defence Cream)

Louise Rawlings, Chillingham, NSW


I found this Tea very relaxing, I mostly took it in the morning to make my day more calm. I'm not a big tea drinker but I did enjoy it. (customer bought Good Night Comfort)

Paula Shearer, Brisbane Writer


Enjoying it, It's great...really helping me lessen the medication. It made things a lot easier with my Bronchial and Asthmatic Condition. I've tried pharmaceuticals, but these teas are a lot more beneficial in the long term. (customer bought Breath of Life Tea)

Patrick McMahon, Sydney, NSW


I suffered for over 15 years with Migraine, I tried many remedies, both natural and pharmaceutical. As soon as i felt the Migraine coming on I took the has reduced the pain and discomfort by half! It helps calm the nerves. (customer bought Good Night Comfort)

Tibor, Benthania, OLD


Excellent Results! Having suffered with Eczema Dermatitis for over then years on my arms and behind my knees...after just TWO weeks of applying the cream twice a day the condition was completely gone! Fabulous. I have tried Cortisone and many other pharmaceutical creams to no help. (customer bought Emergency Protection Cream)

Gary Quinert, Brisbane, QLD


I just had a baby who wasn't sleeping that well and had colic. After drinking the Mum's and Bub's Tea he was like a completely different baby. He is so much more settled, sleeping beautifully and problems with colic have completely disappeared.

Elisa Caile, Burleigh Heads, QLD     posted 21st of March 2010


Dear Sophia, I am writing to congratulate you on your Canc-care cream, I have had excellent results of recent months after applying it to sun damaged areas on my hands and face on a daily basis , I have worked outdoors all my working life, the last twenty years was oyster farming on the mid north coast and have had no end of problems with skin cancers the last ten years, I have used various products with varying successes and have had many removed surgically. Most creams I have used have been very aggressive and can leave heavy scarring , what I have found with your Canc-care cream is the first thing you notice is that it takes the inflammation away, then the damaged area progressively  normalizes . The appearance of the back of my hands and temples is 100% better than it was some 4 months ago when I first started using you product, I have many people comment on the improvement and appearance of my skin

Many Thanks Sophia, Kindest regards

Neil Ellis, Port Macquarie, NSW      posted 1st of April 2010



In January this year our daughter received second degree burns to 18% of her back. We spoke to Sonia at her market stall who suggested her Intensive Defense Cream. We used it after her initial treatment with the burns unit. We could see the difference straight away. In using this cream we managed to avoid our daughter requiring skin grafts. We have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone. We use it for many other skin conditions, also on cuts and grazes. It has become a part of our first aid kit at home. Thank you so much for this remarkable cream.

Natasha, Allan and Ashley, Billinudgel, NSW, Australia     posted 1st of April 2010



Hello. I am not suffering from any particular disease or sickness. But I have been using Sophia's teas when i felt a cold coming (Breath of Life, Morning Alive) or when I had a stomach ache because of wrong or too heavy food (Blissful Tummy) and the teas have kept their promise! I liked Spring Cleanse very much which supported me in my Detox Diet to make it a bit more comfortable for me.
Thus I am working through Sophia's teas range and am currently trying Choco Mint Heaven which is an incredible Taste Journey! I would never have thought that i will be making tea just for the pure pleasure of it! I am now definitely off the unhealthy soft drinks and have found a great substitute for that. Thank you Sophia and keep up the good work!

Heidrun Stange, Passau, Bavaria, Germany    Posted 5th of April 2010


Dear Sophia, I just wanted to let you know how much i love using your Concentrated Hydration lotion. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple and i feel good knowing that i am using only pure organic products. I admire your passion and refusal to compromise on the quality of your ingredients - your commitment supports my decision to live naturally as much as possible. Thank you

Tatjana, Gold Coast, Australia           Posted 11th of April 2010      


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