Ye ol' Ticker Tea       !! New Formulae !!

Tip! Combine with Good Night Comfort (good for Insomnia, Headaches and Pain relief)

This carefully blended preparation of 12 herbs includes Green Oats, Lemon Balm, Alfalfa, Linden, Hawthorn Leaf, Flower and Berry, Heartsease, Passionflower, Rose Hips, Rose Petals, Skullcap, Echinacea and Ginger. It alleviates high blood pressure and provides oxygen rich blood to heart, lungs, brain and every cell in the body. Heart and cardiovascular Tonic. Angina Pain, Irregular heart beat, circulatory disorders. Eases anxiety and stress. Immune boosting.

Tea Ye ol Ticker Tea gro.jpg*Hawthorn Leaf, Flower and Berry It was during the 1800's that Hawthorn was directed at aiding as a cardiotonic, coronary vasodilator and digestive. In Ireland a Dr. Green had become renown for his success in the treatment of Heart disease. Controlled medical studies show that after 6 months the herb could have a gentle effect, dilating the arteries, bring down high blood pressure and allow a better blood flow of oxygen-rich blood to the lungs, brain and every cell in the body. Heart normalizer, stimulating or depressing it's activity depending upon the requirement, thus encouraging better heart performance. Aids emotional stress. For energy and endurance and to stimulate red blood cells.

*Heartsease (Cuddle Me) Traditionally used for strengthening the Heart and nerves, and to stimulate (digestion) metabolism. Also for exhaustion, constipation, fluid retention, cold, catarrh, asthma, weak capillaries, rheumatism, skin disease and for fortifying and purifying the blood plasma.

*Green Oats A rejuvenator, nerve tonic, energy giver and heart strengthener. When taken regularly, Green Oats have been found to bring a noticeable improvement in bone density, strength of teeth and nails, attention span, memory, acumen and clarity of thinking. Also noted to ease grieving, depression and drug withdrawal. It strengthens the circulatory system, lungs heart muscles and lowers cholesterol.

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