Mental Abundance      !! New Formulae !!

Tip! Combine with Morning Alive (increased Immune Enhancement and Vitality) or Good Night Comfort (Relaxation benefits)

This special blend of 12 herbs includes Chamomillia, Passion Flower, Alfalfa, Lemongrass, Green Oats, Echinacea, Rose Hips, Scullcap, Plaintain, Siberian Ginseng, Liquorice and Ginger. Helps with drug withdrawal / Alcoholism, Mental Health Issues / Emotional Conflicts, Depression. Increases Vitality. Supports Central Nervous System (Nervous Disorders). Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety, Craving control, Immune enhancement.

Tea mental  abundance gro.jpg*Scullcap  Applying the doctrine of signatures' theory, the seed capsule shape indicated it's value for the brain and nervous system and the dainty blue flower had a soothing, sedative quality. Rich Potassium and Phosphorous brain enhancing benefits. Scullcap is prescribed for strengthening, calming and sedating the nervous system, including disorders, addictions, alcoholism, motor neuron conditions, head noise, ADD, shaking, rheumatism, neuralgia, thrombosis, strokes, cancer, convulsions and fevers and for muscular spasms, epilepsy, indigestion, premenstrual cramps, hysterical states, depression, tremor, muscle twitching, excitability, hiccups, emotional conflicts, insomnia, night terrors and nervous headaches. Other clinical uses have included pain in the heart area.

*Plaintain which has been an important herb throughout history. Rich in Allantoin, has capabilities to help knit cells together, with anti-inflammatory action to assist with gastrointestinal ulcers, psoriasis, diarrhea, addictions, blood poisoning, constipation, herpes, malignant growth and cancer, exhaustion, stress, IBS and to increase virility.

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