Focused Mind

Tip! Combine with Morning Alive (prepares you for your exams, important business projects or meetings) or Sacred Passion (enhanced sensual awareness).

This particular blend of 9 herbs, including Lemon Balm,  Green Oats, Basil, Ginkgo Biloba,  Brahmi, Gota Cola and Rosemary is mainly combined as a Concentration/Memory Loss blend. Ideal for Before and During Exam Times. Brain Enhancing.

Tea focused mind gro.jpg*Ginkgo Biloba Improves Brain Function by Increasing Cerebral and Peripheral Blood Flow, Circulation and Oxygenation. Good for Depression, Memory Loss & Tinnitus. .


*Rosemary Promotes Circulation to The Brain.


*Lemon Balm Is good for Depression and Tension. Ideal for anyone suffering from Digestive Upsets when Worried or Anxious.


Wholesale Price: AUD 10,-

Retail Price: AUD 15,-



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