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Magnificent Formulae of 11 Herbs. Synergizing the powerful Benefits of Nature! Contains Red Clover, Chaparral, Sage, Maca, Cats Claw, Thyme, Olive Leaf Combined with 4 other Excellent Herbs.

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Tip! Works, in combination, as a booster and inhancer for Abundance Herbs' specific organ teas Breath of Life, Blissful Tummy, Morning Alive and Spring Cleanse

Tea Elixir of life gro.jpg*Red Clover has traditionally been used to treat & prevent Breast Cancer. Made with a Poultice to the effected area & taken internally as a Tea. The Iisoflavones have an established phytoestrogenic therapeutic Activity during Menopause, helping to reduce the Impact of falling Oestrogen Levels, & also to exert a protective Effect on the Heart. Powerful Blood Cleansing Capabilities.

*Chaparral Research shows & demonstrates beneficial Anti-Diabetic Properties. Antiviral Activity against HIV. Rheumatic Disease, Venereal Disease, Urinary Infections and certain types of Cancer, especially Leukaemia as well as Acne, Eczema, and applied as a Lotion to Sores, Wounds and Rashes.

*Olive Leaf  was probably first cultivated in Crete around 3500BC. Being symbolic and emblematic for Peace. The herb Lowers Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels to Assist with Diabetes.

*Cats Claw is known by the Ashaninka Peoples in Central Peru for its Power in regulating Disease & serious Illness. Supports a weakened Immune System, and can reinvigorate the Body to counter Infection and Inflammation. Helps to contain widespread Cellular damage that occurs in Chronic Degenerative Diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HIV/AIDS; Rheumatic Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis & Asthma and Breast Cancer. Counteracts the damage & effect of Chemotherapy

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