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 Abundance Herbs' Certified Organic Herbal Health Teas        

Minimum Mail Order is 3 Teas

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Each Tea costs AUD 15.-            Special Laughing 

Buy 3 Teas for AUD 40.-

New Delicious Fomulaes: "Ye ol' Ticker Tea" and "Mental Abundance Tea"


Please Note: If there is a Single Herb that you would like to purchase please check our range of Certified Organic   Single Herb Teas.

Tea  blissfull tummy.jpgBlissful Tummy 70g

- Digestion, Gas and Bloating

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Diarrhoea

- Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders

- Stomach



Tea breath of life.jpg


Breath of Life 70g

- Lungs / Phlegmatic Expectorant

- Asthma /Bronchitis

- Colds and Flus

Tea bright eye delight.jpg


Bright Eye Delight 70g

- Sinus/Hay Fever

- Macular Health

- Eye wash

Tea choco mint heaven.jpg

Choco Mint Heaven 70g

- Taste Sensation

- After Dinner Mint Tea

- Refresher

Tea Elixir of life.jpg

Elixir of Life 70g

- Cell Repairtree of life.jpg

- Chronic Health condition

- Dis-Ease

Tea focused mind.jpg

Focused Mind 70g

- Concentration

- Mind Alertness

- Memory Loss


Tea Good night comfort.jpg

Good Night Comfort 70g

- Insomnia / Relaxation

- Nervous Tension / Anxiety

- Headaches /Anti Inflammatory




Tea mental abundance.jpg


Mental Abundance 70g   new!

- Drug Withdrawal / Alcoholism

- Mental Health Issues / Emotional Conflicts

- Adrenal Fatigue / Anxiety

- Central Nervous System Support



Tea morning alive.jpg

Morning Alive 70g

- Anti Oxidant / Vitality

- Adrenal Exhaustion / Immune Booster

- Adaptogenic / Homeostasis




Tea Mums and bubs.jpg


Mum's and Bub's 70g

- Pregnancy / Calming and Soothing

- Nursing Mothers

- Colic and Restlessness




Tea sacred passion.jpg


Sacred Passion 70g

- Aphrodisiac

- Hormonal Balance for Men and Women

- Impotence / Frigidity




Tea spicey carob.jpg


Spicy Carob Chai 70g

- Warming Tonic

- Caffeine free Alternative

- Taste Sensation




Tea spring cleanse.jpg


Spring Cleanse 70g

- Blood Cleanse / Detox

- Liver / Kidney support

- Blood Sugar, Glucose Level Balance

- Pancreas / Spleen / Stomach



Tea Ye ol Ticker .jpg


Ye ol' Ticker Tea 70g    new!

- Heart & Cardiovascular Tonic

- Angina Pain

- Anxiety & Stress

- Immune Boost



~~~ Minimum Mail Order is 3 Teas ~~~