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~ About Sophia Fletcher and Abundance Herbs ~


The beginnings of my interest in Herbs came about nearly 30 years ago, here in Australia. Initially trying single Herb Tea preparations, such as Lemongrass, Chamomilia, Linden/Tilio, Peppermint, Nettle and others too many to mention.

My fascination and love of herbs soon grew as I travelled, and lived for ten years in Asia, America and Europe as a professional singer, dancer and teacher. I studied and learnt a great deal in these countries, especially Europe as many herbs are freely available, growing wild in the provincial areas. Greece, being the longest stay of  four years where I studied Herbal Medicine.

Another Path of Learning about Herbs is of course through the Direct Relationship of Communication. The Properties or Physical Interpretations/Definitions of a Plant's Effects, only touch on Describing its Nature and Medicinal Remedy. The longer you Work with a Plant - the more you Follow it Through its Teachings, and to the Characteristics of its Presence and Essence - the more you Sense the Realization that, like all Kind and Reliable Alliances, the Strength and Power of it Being Itself, Helps You To Be Yourself, in True Wellness. Let Wellness not only be a Longing or an Objective Craving for the Concluding Circumstance.  Let it be an Alignment, Accepting and Allowing Love, Truth and Being.

We are Passionate about our Superior Products. When you see the Certified Organic Symbol, you can be Guaranteed that this Merchandise Complies with the Strict Regulations and Standards of the ACO. Australian Certified Organic.

Abundance Herbs Certified Organic Teas and Vegan Skin Care are Grown and Processed Without the Use of Irradiation, Pesticides, Herbicides, GM (Genetically Modified) Ingredients, Fungicides or Artificial Fertilizers.

The Herb Farmers Work with Nature to Replenish the Soil for a Sustainable Future.

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