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Australia’s Finest Certified Organic Herbal Tea and Skin Care Company.

Here at Abundance Herbs, we truly offer an Excellent Range of The Highest Quality Certified Organic Medicinal Herbal Tea Formulae’s and Luxurious Skin Care Products.

These wonderful preparations are all lovingly handcrafted in beautiful Hastings Point which is situated between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Why Certified Organic Herbal Tea?

Healing – Balance Your Body, Mind and Soul

Delicious – Enjoy Our Various Flavors and Aromas of Natures Products

Social – Share with Friends, Family and Community

Quiet Contemplation – Peaceful and Serene Mind


Why Abundance Herbs Skin Care?

Healing – Balance your Body, Spirit and Senses

Ambrosial  – Luxuriate with Pleasure

Aromatic –  Enjoy the Delight of numerous Essential Oils

Natural – Simply because it is Certified Organic


Why Certified Organic?

Healthy – No Artificial Fertilizers, Genetically Modified Ingredients, Irradiation, Herbicides, Fungicides or Pesticides.

Ethos – Dedication to Agricultural Sustainability, Environmental Biodiversity and Protection of Our Mother Earth.

Support – Ethical, Economic and Social Welfare Protocols for Farmers, Tea Pickers and their Families.


So, come in and find out about Nature's Wonderful Gifts. Detailed Information to each Herbal Tea and Skin Care Product is provided as well as images. Stay or get healthy with healthy Tea!

Orders are received preferably via Email.

For more information we are happy to answer any question. Please contact us here.

We hope you enjoy your visit ... with a cup of Certified Organic Herbal Tea Wink

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